We had a very specific craving– a lobster burrito. It just so happened that we were going to be in Peñasquitos, and I saw that this place was known for their lobster burritos, so we decided to stop by. We called in a takeout order for two lobster burritos. We didn’t call very far in advance, so they were still making them when we got there. Someone who I presume to be the owner saw us waiting and asked the kitchen to throw in a free dessert for us! So nice, thoughtful, and unexpected! While we waited, we noticed that the place was nice and sanitary–everyone was wearing masks and social distancing. We got our food without too much more wait and headed home to enjoy. The burritos were enormous! Definitely enough for two meals. There was plenty of delicious lobster inside, and the cabbage, sauce, and cheese complemented it perfectly. Craving fulfilled!  The dessert was tasty, too–fried tortilla bits with caramel and whipped cream. A nice way to end the meal on a sweet note.